Press release


GLAMI and STILEO unify their visual identity reflecting the company's commitment to personalization & diversity in fashion

The brand updated visual style consists of the refurbished logo, new brand colors and a new brand symbol: an electric violet asterisk. founded in Czech Rep. in 2013 as a fashion search engine with a vision to create the best fashion catalog and offer all fashion items for every user in one place. In 2022 the company expanded in the Italian market with the acquisition of the biggest local aggregator, Over the years, GLAMI has connected its platform with more than 4,300 fashion e-shops with 17 million of products in 14 European countries. As early adopters of technology shift and visionaries, GLAMI have been using machine learning technology since 2015 to provide customers with the best possible fashion product search experience. Now it gives the opportunity to customers but also to fashion e-shops to benefit from AI technology. Its dedicated AI team builds up applications like product recommendation, similarity, categorization, and more to deliver a seamless fashion discovery journey to every visitor of GLAMI.

GLAMI founder and former CEO, Tomáš Hodboď, stated: “Having the largest fashion catalog on the market is still one of the pillars on which we stand. In the long-term we strive to move to the position of “Spotify on fashion". We want to make GLAMI a place that knows the taste of every user and immediately offers them the best and most relevant products on the platform.” 

The company decided that it's time to reflect this new vision by updating the whole visual approach and style but also by refurbishing the GLAMI and STILEO logo to reflect a new brand image. 

The brand updated visual style consists of the refurbished logo, new brand colors and a new brand symbol: an electric violet asterisk. 

Inspired by its history - all fashion pieces to one place - the symbol represents GLAMI as the intersection of fashion and technology and also symbolizes the place where the e-shops and customers meet. Moreover, there is a deeper meaning that gives us a hint of what GLAMI stands for. “The combination of sharp and round edges in the asterisk symbol reflects our belief that fashion is for people of all ages, sizes, and body types and therefore it constitutes our commitment to inclusivity. The electric violet color conveys a sense of sophistication, creativity and reliability. With these two assets combined we aim to inspire and help every individual user of GLAMI and STILEO to find precisely the piece of clothing, shoes or accessories, they're looking for,” says Hana Zachová, GLAMI's Brand Lead.

“Our effort is aimed at enhancing the visibility of GLAMI as a leading european fashion search and discovery platform that leverages technology to make fashion choices simple and quick for our customers," says Zachová and continues "We are excited about the possibilities this refinement presents as we continue to connect e-shops with new customers and offer a seamless shopping experience.”

For GLAMI users, the platform makes fashion discovery and shopping easier by tailoring the fashion selection to each individual. By empowering customers with smart shopping choices, they save money and time. Company's AI driven classification system smartly categorizes millions of products from thousands of fashion e-shops in one place.