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GLAMI is making searching for fashion more intuitive by introducing the first AI Shopping Assistant in Czechia

GLAMI, a leading European fashion discovery platform, has launched an experimental version of AI Shopping Assistant powered by ChatGPT. is the first platform in the Czech Republic to offer such a service to consumers.

Thanks to an innovative AI solution, visitors of GLAMI no longer need to use special fashion terminology for cuts and styles – they can simply describe what they need in their own words. AI Shopping Assistant will provide advice and a selection of shoppable products, chosen from 2.5 million products available on GLAMI.

The AI Shopping Assistant imitates a real conversation with an assistant in a physical store and will be particularly appreciated by customers who do not know precisely what they are looking for or the name of the item they seek.

The primary advantage lies in the opportunity for genuine conversations. Given the experimental nature of the tool, misunderstandings may arise, much like in any typical conversation. If the initial 9 recommendations are slightly off the mark, customers can provide feedback and request to generate new ones based on additional data they have provided. AI Shopping Assistant also proactively asks questions to help users understand what matters the most to them, aiming to deliver the best possible results.

"It's not uncommon to find yourself in a situation where you can't quite put into words the specific clothing style you're looking for. As a result, you end up spending a lot of time searching through various filters in the hopes of stumbling upon some clues. This is precisely why we have been captivated at GLAMI by the idea of enabling two-way, natural conversations powered by technology. GLAMI is fully embracing recent advancements in generative AI technology by introducing AI Shopping Assistant that enables customers to search for fashion in a way that feels like conversing with a knowledgeable assistant in the brick-and-mortar shop, but with access to millions of products," stated Ján Kešelák, CEO of GLAMI.

How to use AI Shopping Assistant?

For instance, shoppers can seek advice on choosing appropriate footwear for a hike or inquire about the suitability of wearing jeans to an interview, receiving recommendations for the right style. The functionality of the tool extends to children as well. For instance, AI Shopping Assistant can effortlessly locate warm pyjamas featuring characters from animated movies for a young girl. Customers can also specify factors like the weather or location when seeking advice. For example, they can ask, "What should I wear as a guest to a November wedding?".

Another example is shopping for gifts: it is an occasion when customers are often not sure what to buy. For instance, if a user is looking for a gift for a Star Wars enthusiast, AI Shopping Assistant will suggest a collection of items related to this theme. Looking for a small Christmas gift for your grandma? AI Shopping Assistant will provide a selection of products to shop from.

By launching a beta version of the AI Shopping Assistant, GLAMI once again shows its commitment to innovation and a mission to provide millions of GLAMI users with a new, easy and engaging way to discover the products they need. After testing and improving the tool on the Czech market, GLAMI plans to roll it out to all 13 markets where it's present.

Together with improving the online shopping experience, GLAMI is also striving to provide sophisticated AI technology to thousands of fashion brands connected to the platform, some of which may not have the means to invest in such projects on their own. GLAMI believes that making online shopping easier will benefit both consumers and shops in the same manner.